MIDIy (currently in beta) Turns an iOS device into virtual MIDI control surface. Drag pads, buttons, sliders and other elements to create your own DIY controller. Connect to DAWs trough WiFi, USB cable or bluetooth. Connecting using lightning/USB-C to midi adapter should also be possible, though more testing is needed.

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Metronome that uses polygons to present polyrhythms in an easy to understand way. Automatic-per beat subdivision calculation makes it easy to learn complicated patterns. Drag of tap polygons to activate them and press play! Designed to aid those studying Carnatic Music tradition.

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Type to Learn

Minimalistic macOS utility for touch typing practice that lets you pick a text source yourself. Retype text to train muscle memory. Words per minute and accuracy meters help to track progress over time, while color of the text marks any incorrectly written words.

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Generic Segmented Control in SwiftUI

Even though with SwiftUI it's finally possible to bind enum types to a segmented control (using the Picker view), I still find myself wishing for more customisability, when it comes to styling this UI component.

Typing like a Virtuoso

How to go from juggling four fingers to touch-typing averaging 50–60 words per minute within couple months, employing practicing techniques from classical musicians.


An adventure in PCB design, micro-controllers and hardware prototyping.

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