Hi! 👋

I’m Arturs and I make stuff. Mostly for Apple’s platforms.
Here you can find project overviews, tutorials and anything else worth sharing.


Type to Learn
is a minimalistic macOS utility for touch typing practice that lets you pick a text source yourself. Retype text to train muscle memory. Words per minute and accuracy meters help with tracking your progress over time.
Available on the App Store!
Legacy Version for macOS Sierra or later.

Mqtt Raw
is a low level debugging tool for inspecting mqtt systems.
While most brokers use utf8 encoded json for transmitting messages. MQTT protocol itself does not guarantee, which encoding is being used. The App aims to provice a preview for brokers that use raw int and float values for sending high frequency sensor readings or jpeg for streaming “video”.
DM me for test flight access

is a metronome which uses polygons to represent polyrhythms in a understandable way. Automatic per-beat subdivision calculation makes it easy to learn complicated patterns such as 7 / 4 / 3 or 9 / 5 / 4. Drag of tap polygons to activate them and press play! Great tool for people studying Carnatic Music.
Available on the App Store!


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